What my tinnitus sounds like and my story

kwOwuBTvccg - What my tinnitus sounds like and my story

Video:Channel:Project DorkkopiaDuration:9:45Description:Just a short video to describe my tinnitus. Please be warned that the beginning has a high pitched sound for the example of my tinnitus. Also, I do not promote any products to help get rid of tinnitus. I strongly urge against those programs and products and suggest a healthy/natural approach. As…

Simon Baker’s Tinnitus Story

tinnitus ear 3 - Simon Baker's Tinnitus Story

Video:Channel:Julian Cowan HillDuration:4:35Description:Simon Baker had tinnitus from loud noise exposure in the music industry. Craniosacral Therapy helped his symptoms back off. He is now a fully qualified and insured therapist based in Central and East London offering hands-on help and advice on what helps this condition back off. To contact him please go…

A Positive Tinnitus Story

nv27tFRR 0 - A Positive Tinnitus Story

Video:Channel:Julian Cowan HillDuration:1:20Description:A Positive Tinnitus Story is a book where Julian Cowan Hill offers more than just hope on your journey to letting go of tinnitus. Published in October 2014 he shares the five top tips that cured his own tinnitus. http://www.amazon.co.uk/Positive-Tinnitus-Story-How-Natural-ebook/dp/B00P0U4X5S/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1416390795&sr=8-1&keywords=a+positive+tinnitus+storytags:craniosacral, therapy, Julian, Cowan, Hill, body-based, awareness, mindfulness, of, the, body, tinni

My tinnitus success story – Peter Studenik

kwOwuBTvccg - My tinnitus success story - Peter Studenik

Video:Channel:Peter StudenikDuration:1:6:46Description:www.icuredmytinnitus.com Peter Studenik – Live broadcast for Tinnitus Success Story group. More information on www.icuredmytinnitus.com Book available at Amazon: www.amazon.com/Peter-Studenik/e/B076N7MS54tags:tinnitus, tinitus, ringing in ear, ringing in ears, whistling in ears, whistling in ear, tinnitus remedy, tinnitus cure, tinnitus relief, tinnitus stop, tinitus relief, tinitus remedy, tinitus cure