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Spore Hero Creature Creation Controls

blank box wii cc tutorial - Community

Get controls info on creating your own unique creatures in Spore Hero. Find out how to enter precision mode, add abilities, and more!

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Spore Hero Arena Fighting Guide

hero arena fighting - Community

Get all the info on how to combat NPCs and other players in this controls tutorial for fighting in Spore Hero Arena.

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Wii Controls for Fighting in Spore Hero

wii controls fight sm - Community

Check out the controls needed to put up a good fight in Spore Hero for the Wii.

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How to Export Spore Creatures to Maya

maya2 - Community

Artist Ocean Quigley walks through how to take a creature from Spore into a 3D application that supports Collada, such as Maya or 3D Studio Max.

Follow the tutorial and check out the gallery of renders, then post your own.

bullett sml - CommunityRead the tutorial & get renders

Galactic Adventures: Adventure Filters

adventure filters - Community

Find out how to change the look and feel of your adventure by changing its style filter.

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Tutorial Movie – Advanced Adventure Creation

advanced tutorial - Community

Designer Stone Librande dives into some of the more advanced Adventure editing features in Spore Galactic Adventures.

Find out how to shape a story using acts and goals with advanced editing techniques.

bullett sml - CommunityWatch the movie

Tutorial Movie – Intermediate Adventure Creation

intermediate tutorial - Community

Designer Stone Librande walks through intermediate Adventure editing techniques in Spore Galactic Adventures.

Find out how to control the behavior of the cast and get info on keyboard shortcuts using intermediate editing techniques.

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Tutorial Movie – Basic Adventure Creation

basic creation - Community

Designer Stone Librande introduces the basics of Adventure creation in Spore Galactic Adventures.

Find out about the easy techniques you can learn to get started creating missions!

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Tutorial Movie – Terraforming in Galactic Adventures

terraform - Community

Engineer Dan Moskowitz walks through terraformation on an Adventure planet.

Get the basics on how to customize your landscape using terraforming tools.

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Tutorial Movie – How to Find and Play Galactic Adventures

tutorial menu - Community

Designer Stone Librande shows the easy steps you can take to get started playing with other creator’s Adventures in Spore Galactic Adventures.

Get the basics on how to find and play Galactic Adventures missions in your Spore Space stage or directly from the quick play menu.

bullett sml - CommunityWatch the movie

Tutorial Movie – Sporecast Creation

sporecastmovie - Community

Check out the newest tutorial movie narrated by producer, Thomas Vu.

He walks through creating a Sporecast both in the game and on the site.

For even more control over Sporecasts, check out our guide to help players maximize control over game content using archetypes.

Find out more here.

Animation Tutorial: Polypod Gaits

If you have a polypod creature, you can pick between one of five gaits by changing the number of parts on your creature.

What is a polypod?

In Spore, a polypod is a creature with 7 or more feet in one leg group. Legs are grouped if they have similar lengths.

The best way to see the differences is to make a long flat creature with 8 or 10 legs on it, and then put detail parts down the middle of the spine.

I’ve got a polypod, how can I toggle the gait?

By adding or subtracting parts one at a time, you can control how your creature walks.
The gait will cycle between five different types, which include caterpillar, camel, etc. The list is below.

It’s easy to play with it in the creature editor once you know it’s there, just remember that symmetry counts as two parts, so add the parts down the middle to do one at a time.

Example Gait Animation Variations
Download the pngs below or make your own polypods
No extra parts One extra part Two extra parts Three extra parts Four extra parts

Even though we’ve provided example creations above, the main idea is for you to build a creature you like, sample the gait, and add or subtract irrelevant detail parts until you find the gait that best suits your creation.

Tutorial Movie – Anthem Creator

Check out the newest tutorial movie narrated by Spore audio engineer, Cyril Saint Girons.

anth - Community

He’ll show you what the changing note color indicates, how to adjust the duration of the note, and more! He also walks through the process of sharing anthems with friends.

We’ve posted three PNGs of great example anthems for you to download and load in your game! Follow the tutorial to find out how or click on the PNGs to see the profile pages of their creators!

Keyboard Game Controls

typist sm - Community

Check out our complete list of keyboard game controls!

These include basic controls for every game stage as well as a complete list of advanced controls for the editors.

Get the complete list

More Creator Tutorial Movies

Learn how to make buildings, create vehicles, and paint like a pro with three new tutorials straight from the developers.

Kate, Mike and Dan walk you through the basics.

In Game Filters

Filters can add a unique look and feel to your screenshots, movies, and general gameplay. Here are some cheats to help you experiment with a couple we added to Spore!

Oil paint

To see the world as a painted masterpiece, bring up the cheat console by pressing CTRL+SHIFT+C while you’re in the game. Enter the cheat “styleFilter -oilPaint” to activate the oil paint filter.

Film Noir

To enter a high contrast scene of black and white, use the cheat console and enter “styleFilter -filmNoir”. The world will have a gritty monochromatic effect.

No Filter

To return the game to normal, enter the cheat “stylefilter -none”.

Archived Creatortips

Check out the “creatorip” tagged ideas submitted in the past by other players.

leopdas - Community

viber - Community

prickle2 - Community

random - Community

Ultra2 - Community

Limb - Community

Myst2 - Community

Octo2 - Community

cerebrilith2 - Community

tarant2 - Community

bearded2 - Community

armaroo2 - Community

To find more tips by players, search “creatortip” in the Sporepedia.

Spore Creature Creator Pro-Tips

bullett sml - Community 1. Use Hearbear ears for really expressive eyebrows!

bullett sml - Community 2. To create a realistic looking creature, look at a reference picture at the same time.

bullett sml - Community 3. Jellybutton makes a great flowerpot, shirtcuff, or if nested, robot style retractable arm.

bullett sml - Community 4. Narrow one or two vertebrae where you’re sticking the legs. This will help them integrate with the body better.

bullett sml - Community 5. Nest Overhear ear parts to create alien looking antennae.

bullett sml - Community 6. Attach an arm, remove the hands, then remove all segments but one (using the control key) to make nubby arms or legs.

bullett sml - Community 7. To find user created tutorials, search for “creatortip” in the Sporepedia.

Click on the examples below to see the details of player creations that demonstrate the tips above!

brows - Community

bugs - Community

jelly - Community

legs - Community

nest - Community

bear - Community

mantis group - Community

Movie: Make a Mantis

Join Spore’s Theresa Duringer as she walks through the process of creating an advanced creature with the Spore Creature Creator.

To find more, search “mantis” in the Sporepedia.

mantisplay - Community

mantis - Community

Developer Tutorial Movies

Guy3 - Community


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